You'll notice something extraordinary about Yebol's graphic look as it captures and organizes your internet search results. With up to eight kinds of search presented, your results stem and branch horizontally, and then cascade vertically in an orderly yet bold fashion.  Every kind of search is presented, giving your curiosity the freedom to open and close search categories, reducing or extending your available tree of knowledge with a simple click. In addition, within each category you may scroll for more info or have the option to expand your search, all stemming from your original search.

There's nothing quite like it in the world of search. Experience it yourself!


"Typical search engines are often overwhelming, visually fragmented and don’t show the potential of a search in a cognitive way,” said Stephen Cascio. “This unique design better connects your thought to your search in an efficient and logical fashion, keeping your results all organized in one place. Most importantly, your search experience becomes enjoyable and simple to use," he added.

Cascio also designed
Yebol's brand logo identity.